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The path to the feeling of well-being you seek is sometimes difficult to navigate...unless you have caring support from a doctor with knowledge and experience of that path.

Dr. Stuart C. Marmorstein is a Houston-based holistic chiropractor who focuses on helping people of all ages with chronic pain, health and energy issues, using safe and effective natural methods.

He has been practicing, teaching and doing clinical research since the 1970s. "Dr. Stuart" is an expert in Applied Kinesiology (muscle response testing), spinal and cranial care. Even though he draws from an extensive technique tool chest, he remains the perennial student.

His unique clinical approaches (detailed elsewhere on this website), are helpful with both pain management and natural health restoration. Many people love the fact that he can get excellent clinical results without using forceful methods.

Learn why physicians, dentists, and other health professionals seek out Dr. Marmorstein's care and refer patients to him...from around Houston and many countries around the world.

With his focus on helping patients get fast relief that lasts, other practitioners are eager to enroll in his courses and learn his unusual methods.

What's Different about Head 2 Foot?

By Stuart C. Marmorstein, D.C.

Have you ever started out with the idea that you were on your way to a certain place, and then wound up somewhere totally different. Yeah? That happened to me, too.

Five years from my high school graduation day at the top of my class, I was going to be Stuart Marmorstein, M.D., with a degree from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. It was a done deal. I was already accepted.

Instead, I heard a different call and flew to Houston to enroll at the Texas Chiropractic College...never before having had a chiropractic adjustment. Nor had anyone else in my family or among my friends.

OK, so I left out some of the boring parts of the story. Over a period of more than forty years, I've met the right mentors at the right time, and developed more than a few fancy clinical approaches of my own. I still use them in practice, teach them...and learn new ones. Recently, I've been focusing on ways to elegantly mix and match them so I can help people even faster.

Let's leave my story for a little bit and start with yours. So something happened to you that you weren't expecting, too: You were doing OK one day, and then all of the sudden, you weren't.

Perhaps you've got some challenges to overcome. With most of the people I see, it goes something like this:

  • "Something happened to me, it hurts me RIGHT HERE, and nobody seems to get it to least not for very long. And, I'm not a big fan of drugs."
  • "I used to be very athletic, but now I can't do anything anymore, because when I do, I really pay for it."
  • "No energy. Sore all over. Too much stress! I shouldn't feel like this at 35. Everyone I go to gives me a different story, but the bottom line is: I never get better."
  • "I feel better after I see the chiropractor (acupuncturist, massage therapist, etc.)--but only if I see them all the time."
  • "I want someone my whole family can go to when we need to. Someone we can really trust."

My main interest is in helping you to get relief from pain and bodily dysfunction (illness) quickly and naturally, and to help you become stable as soon as possible, so that you heal and LIVE WELL on a continuing basis.

Elsewhere in this website, I'll include information on some of the how-tos, and even some self-help. For now, I'll just jot down a few key points to remember. This is a brief overview, so we can flesh out details later.

  1. Rule #1 is safety first. No hurting patients allowed. Questions: good. Assumptions: bad. Good reputations are earned.
  2. We can often get more useful info about how to help you by seeing what you can do, than by going over reports about all of the tests you've had done and the pictures you've had taken.
  3. You got to be the way you are because of the things that have happened to you. Sometimes your stories can give me important clues.
  4. We can figure out what to do for you by seeing how your muscle strength changes and by evaluating what is strong or weak in the here-and-now.
  5. Places that are sensitive when rubbed can tell me a lot about the sources of your pain or illness.

In their own words: our patients speak.

Stories from their own experiences.
When I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with scoliosis and I'll be 54 this year, so from 13-54 I've had back problems.

The school nurse wanted to send me to the ER in an ambulance at age 13 because of how crooked my spine was. I've had chronic back pain my whole life.

May the 10th of 2016, I fell two stories from a broken rung on a ladder. I fell onto my back (landing on concrete) and absolutely smashed one vertebra and herniated 3 discs. A part of the lower back that was supposed to be an inch and a half thick measured about an eighth of an inch thick.

The neurologist I saw wanted to put me in a brace and said that I wouldn't walk for 2 years. I was put in a brace from my pelvis to my neck.

My dad gave me info about a colleague of Dr. Marmorstein's who referred me to him.

After I saw him, I was out of the brace. I had been eating codeine like M & Ms, but was able to throw them into my glove compartment after one visit. Two years ago, I broke my neck at C3 or C4, but now have no more difficulty in that area.

I don't have back pain any more. My back does not bother me a bit. Now I come back every 6 weeks for a tuneup.

I really like the Kinesiology and Pain Neutralization Technique treatments since they don't require heavy manipulation.

Dr. Marmorstein, on a scale from 1 to 10, I'd give you a 12.

“Hi, Dr. Marmorstein, When I first heard about what you do I was a little skeptical, I have been to sooo many doctors and lef feeling let down! I have a lot of problems to deal with on my body and you took care of all of them. When I came before, we were visiting family in Houston and I read about you. None of the other doctors I went to met my expectations. We are moving to Texas in the next few months and I hope you will be practicing still when we get there. When I left your office I had no pain at all even though the treatment was a little strange to me--but when you leave feeling that good you are the best thing I have ever found.

Thank you so MUCH and glad to know there is someone to help when you don't know where to turn.

Hope to see you soon and thank you for all the needed therapy. Keep up the good work and God Bless.”

An Interruption: Some Brief Comments on Healing Philosophy and Techniques

By Stuart C. Marmorstein, D.C.

Before continuing with testimonials like the ones above, let's take a moment to look at the big picture and also some details. Then it will be easier to understand why some patients experience amazing improvements in pain, stress, health and energy issues.

The body can only work when it is in a constant conversation with the brain. This dialogue largely takes place through a system of nerves that start in the brain and travel to every remote corner of the body. Brain and nerve tissue are extremely delicate and need to be protected by bone, primarily the cranium, or skull, and the spinal column.

There are twelve pairs of cranial nerves and twenty-four moveable vertebrae, making up the spine. The spine protects thirty-one pairs of spinal nerves. The nerve roots are branches of the spinal cord, which arises from the brain. These nerves branch to such an extent that some conservative estimates of the number of nerves in the body is around one hundred billion!  Since eighty-five billion of these are in the brain, I place a lot of emphasis on cranial adjusting in my practice. It's one reason I've called the practice "Head 2 Foot."

Various types of physical traumas...starting with birth...can cause distortions in the alignment  of cranial and spinal bones. These distortions interfere with the communication between the brain and body structures such as muscles, organs and blood vessels, In other words, you can not enjoy maximum health when the skull and the spine are out of alignment.

Fortunately, the cranial and spinal bones can be resituated or "adjusted" by a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic knowledgeable and skilled in these disciplines. In my own practice, I use Applied Kinesiology testing to guide me in helping you restore a normal dynamic state to these bony structures. I have found that by checking for the right sequence and angles before moving any bones, that this process can be safe, gentle, satisfying and very therapeutic.

Training in cranial adjusting only takes place at the postgraduate level, rather than in chiropractic school. I started learning cranial adjusting, as well as spinal adjusting in 1976. I teach my own methods of cranial and spinal adjusting to members of my profession and other qualified doctors, worldwide.

Other techniques that support spinal and cranial adjusting:

  1. Applied Kinesiology. This is a method for assessing short term and long term weakness of muscles, as well as various types of confusion in the nervous system. Certain types of shocks and traumas can cause the brain to miscommunicate with the body. This makes health and recovery from injuries and pains difficult.
  2. Injury Recall Technique (see video below). Uses Applied Kinesiology and reflex techniques to normalize many functions after injuries and invasive procedures.
  3. Assessment and turning on individual muscles and groups of muscles. Muscles sometimes turn off in response to various types of injuries and stresses. By testing the muscles individually (isolating them), and then applying the proper stimulus or adjustment, muscle strength can be restored. The issue here is NOT lack of exercise: it is a disruption in the communication between the brain and the muscle. This process can dramatically reduce the need for repetitive spinal adjusting.
  4. Assessment and correction of abnormal reactivity to normal, everyday stimuli or activities, such as cell phone radio frequencies, bending, lifting, driving and computer work...even emotional triggers. Light stimulation of acupuncture and neurological reflex points can put an end to temporary weakening of muscles that can aggravate spinal and other joint misalingments.
  5. Pain Neutralization/Elimination Techniques: Developed by Dr. Stephen Kaufman of Denver (chiropractor and acupuncturist). It IS what it sounds like! Tender areas around joints and muscles can usually be totally relieved through very light application of finger pressure to strategically chosen areas on the body. I look for a very sensitive area or an area that doesn't move as well as it should and find an "off switch" for it elsewhere in the body. This is a method of treating areas that hurt by working on areas that don't hurt! It is generally very effective, can help with internal organ function and with stress, and can allow for non-forceful realignment of the spine and other structures.
  6. CranioBiotic Technique (Dr. M. Anthony Smith). Not another cranial adjusting technique, but a way of helping the human immune system to become less sensitive to irritants in its environment, including dust, plants, chemicals and foods. It is not an approach suitable for people at risk for going into anaphylactic shock, but can give people a lot of ease from common sensitivity symptoms.
  7. BioSequencing Scan (Dr. McKittrick Hyatt). The use of muscle testing to choose homeopathically formulated remedies for various types of symptomatic improvement. Excellent for people with low tolerance to pharmaceutical medications.
  8. TTaps (Dr. Alan Bonebrake). Neurologically-based methods for helping improve, strength, range of motion and internal health. Some of these methods also work through methods for releasing stuck areas including scar tissue.

This is the SHORT version. A report with more details is in the works.

And now, more stories from our patients:

“Dr. Stuart,

I would like to thank you for improving my quality of life, tremendously!!! Let me say, I sleep every night and awake rested, and even take naps falling asleep quickly. This is something the sleep apnea specialist and their machines did not accomplish; you resolved my sleep problems in 2 visits! Secondly, I no longer wear sock to sleep because of cold feet, the magic you worked allows me to sleep without cold feet; for more than 15 years I had to wear socks and in less than 15 minutes this problem disappeared. In addition, my sinus headaches, I had on a weekly basis; now seldom show up monthly. After taking allergy shots for years and multiple doctors and medications never solving my allergy problems you have me breathing easy! 

Jacob, my son is doing much better, too with his migraine headaches, or should I say his lack of migraine headaches. You are credited for being the best migraine specialist, providing remarkable results with no drugs and no special test/scans/MRI’s. Jacob had migraines since he was 3 years old, several a month, sometime 3 or 4 week, the kind that make you sick and required 8-12 hours’ of sleep to recover from each headache. Now he does not even have migraines on a monthly basis. And I would like to mention his allergy improvements, our practitioners can only prescript medicine and give shots therefore, when Jacob gets an allergy outbreak he ask to see you Dr. Stuart, he likes immediate relief without additional pain and medication just as I do! 

Again, you’re the best, thank you for improving our quality of life!

“I went to Dr Stuart because of stiffness and pain I had been feeling in my neck and pain in my back. My initial thought was that I was not going to get any relief. However, after my very first visit, I felt good already. The stiffness was gone and so was the pain. It's been almost 4 months since my first visit and I still feel great. No pain or stiffness in the same areas that were treated by Dr Stuart.

I also then saw him about 3 months after my initial visit because my toes were numb. He explained to me the possible cause of the numbness and worked to help me relieve the numbness. I can honestly say that he is very good at his job. He also shows that he cares!

“Over the years of seeing Stuart the frequency of my visits has diminished. I think that is one of the best testimonials I can give. The work Stuart has done with me has resulted in my not needing to see him but about every 2-3 months and sometimes less than that. So many of the problems that I had are just gone now. My body handles stress and minor traumas more efficiently. My sleep patterns have improved dramatically. Much of my chronic pain is gone. I didn't have any one big problem but a lot of little ones, mostly the results of minor accidents and just plain aging, being too sedentary, etc. They have all gotten better. The sad thing is that due to all this improvement I don't get to see Stuart as often. Thank you Stuart for all your help and support!”

“My name is Rashanda Banks, I am an RN and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a few years ago at the tender age of 25. I suffered with widespread pain (flu like aches), headaches, dizziness, feeling "off balance", irritable bowel, insomnia, anxiety and the list could go on! I was HOPELESS and in pain all the time.

These symptoms seemed to come out of nowhere and my boyfriend had just proposed to me. It was the best and most challenging time of my life. I was scared, hopeless and helpless. My primary care doctor prescribed medications that did NOT work! I can recall doing so much research on this illness and I felt completely hopeless. Nothing was working but I kept my FAITH and I kept searching!

Fast forward five years later (after MUCH suffering), I remember praying to GOD asking him to send me a solution to my physical ailments. I had so much life left and I was at the peak of my nursing career and marriage. There had to be a viable treatment for this Fibromyalgia pain!

Lo and Behold, I ran across Dr. Stuart's website and I read a testimonial from another lady who described some of my same symptoms. The testimonial stated that she was CURED of Fibromyalgia. Skeptical yet hopeful, I emailed Dr. Stuart immediately! I prayed and asked GOD to help me! Before I woke up the next morning, Dr. Stuart had sent me an email asking me to call his office in the morning for an appointment and he assured me that "I didnt have to keep suffering with these symptoms." His email gave me HOPE! I could not wait to make an appointment the next morning and I was able to get in within the week.

Dr Stuart is personable, kind and he makes you feel comfortable. I felt really relaxed when the appointment was over. I followed up with a series of weekly appointments and within 1-2 months ALL of my Fibromyalgia symptoms were GONE!  Hard to believe when you've suffered with the horrible symptoms that Fibro brings, right? But it is TRUE! I recommend Dr Stuart to all of my friends and I tell them to have an open mind during appointments. These treatments are so different than anything we've ever experienced but they are painless and they work!

I was feeling SO GREAT! That I hadn't seen Dr. Stuart AT ALL for an entire year and was completely pain FREE! This year, my goal is to have at least 1 appointment each month to maintain my health! Going to Dr Stuart was the BEST thing I could've ever done for my health! His skills and desire to help others like me are truly a blessing!

As an RN AND patient, I highly recommend his treatment. It changed my life for the BETTER. I can now go on vacations, work without limitation and not have to worry if my illness is going to interfere with my everyday life.

Thank you, Dr Stuart!

If anyone would like to ask me about my experience, I will gladly respond to any emails: Regards,

Would you like to upload your own testimonial for publication?

Please upload your photo and any other files through this link. You can send your story as text through the contact form below. Please include permission to publish this material. Thank you for helping others to learn about the health benefits of our work.

Where to Find the Head 2 Foot Office


George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) is located in the northern part of town and is a hub for United Airlines. I hosts many other major carriers, as well. William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) is located in the southern part of town and is served by Southwest Airlines and others.

Centrally  located
Accessible from both airports and all parts of town.

You can find our office on the top floor of a beautiful twelve-story landmark highrise. We are centrally located in Houston, Texas, one block north of US 59 on the northwest corner of Kirby Drive and Norfolk Street in the Upper Kirby District. The receptionist answers the phone between 8:30 and 5:15 on weekdays.

There is a white sign on the roof of the building reading, "B B & T" visible if you are driving on Kirby Drive from the north or the south. At ground level, The front entrance to the building on Kirby has a sign reading "River Oaks Tower." This is a pedestrian entrance. Drive into the garage entrance on Norfolk Street.

Nearby neighborhoods
Restaurants, stores, hotels nearby

We are very close to West University Place, Rice Village, The Texas Medical Center, The Museum District, River Oaks, The Galleria, Bellaire, Greenway Plaza, Montrose and Neartown. The Upper Kirby District boasts many fine restaurants and a Whole Foods Market.

See the map, below, to navigate to our door.

Safe and secure
Seven levels of free parking so you don't get wet.

This location also has 24-hour on-site security and free covered parking, which you can enter from Norfolk. On most floors of the parking garage, there are a few steps to get into the building, but there are wheelchair accessible ramps on the third and sixth parking levels. There is a doorway that will take you from the parking garage into the elevator lobby. **Take the elevator to the ninth floor and go to the receptionist desk to check in.

Relax while you're being taken care of.

If you are coming into Houston from out of town, there are a number of hotels close to the office. Many people take a "therapeutic vacation" here for a week or so and schedule several visits during that time. The Houston Galleria is a shopping mecca, and  the area is known for its sophisticated and vital arts and cultural scene.

Enter the parking garage from the Norfolk Street side of 3730 Kirby Drive for free covered parking. Enter the building from the garage and take the elevator to the ninth floor. Our office is across the hall from the restrooms. There are wheelchair ramps on Levels 3 and 6. There is also street parking available.

Dr. Marmorstein's TV Interview with Thomas Carter on helping patients with chronic pain

Injury Recall Technique Explanation and Demonstration.

Physical injuries (even old ones!) and invasive procedures can slow down your healing. Why you need help with this, now.

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Prepaid Package and Fee Schedule Table
Effective February 6, 2018

Simple Idea Number One: make care more affordable by using smart techniques designed to speed relief and help secure long-lasting results.
Simple Idea Number Two: make care more affordable by offering individuals or groups/families discounts for paying up front.

Initial visits, paid singly, are curently $190, or can count as two visits on any of the packages listed below.
Follow up visits are $90, paid singly, or count as one visit when using a package.

You may also prepay for packages of visits--which can be used by one person, or shared among family members, friends or business associates.
Package offers are subject to availability, and we may discontinue or change them prior to purchase for any reason.

Packages must have start and end dates, based on a reasonable treatment plan.


Designed for one person
$ 420
Package may be renewed. (Initial visit only counts as two on first package).
  • 5 visits, or 1 initial visit and 3 office visits
  • One user. Patient's Initial visit counts as two visits on the package.
  • Rate: $84/visit
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Can be used by one or more people 
$ 820
Package may be renewed. (Initial visit only counts as two on first package).
  • 10 visits, or 1 initial visit and 8 office visits
  • Multiple users. Each person's initial visit counts as two visits on the package.
  • Rate: $82/visit


Great for larger family or out-of-towner
$ 1200
Package may be renewed. (Initial visit only counts as two on first package).
  • 15 visits, or 1 initial visit and 13 office visits
  • Multiple users. Each person's initial visit counts as two visits on the package.
  • Rate: $80/visit


For heavier usage
$ 1560
Package may be renewed. (Initial visit only counts as two on first package).
  • 20 visits, or 1 initial visit and 18 office visits
  • Multiple users. Each person's initial visit counts as two visits on the package.
  • Rate: $78/visit

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